Orah Palmer – Kindergarten



Orah has a professional background in early literacy and language development.  She has seven years’ experience as a Scout leader and five years of classroom teaching experience.  Integrating hands-on learning in ways that allow students to work as a team while discovering their personal skills comes naturally to her.  She loves to weave all modalities of learning into high interest thematic units.  Students will learn using all of their senses and work in teams to accomplish goals.

Environmental science is a personal passion for Orah.  She is a member of the BEC and loves to advocate for environmental causes in her free time.  She is trained in Next Generation Science Standards and has experience teaching inquiry based science at Turtle Bay School of Arts and Sciences in Redding.  She has led science clubs and camps.  Facilitating team building and leadership skills in youth is a supreme joy for Orah.

Her continuing personal education goals include becoming a certified yoga instructor and licensed American Sign Language interpreter.  She plans to incorporate these into her instruction.  There will be lots of movement and signing to accompany literacy and language.   The open classroom principles of WOC resonate with Orah’s personal beliefs about learning.  She is excited to help create the foundation for situational awareness, inquiry, and critical thinking that students need for success.  It is her bliss to share her love of learning with her students and hopes to instill in them a joy of learning that will last a lifetime.

“Joining the Wildflower family is my dream come true!”

~ Ms. Orah