Nikki Ramey – Grades 7/8



Nikki is a team teacher for 7th and 8th grades at Wildflower. She is fervently excited to be here and welcomes the opportunity to share this enthusiasm through creative instruction.

“My teaching philosophy is greatly rooted within constructivism, where students learn through their interactions with people and experiences in the world. To discourse this perspective, I shy away from traditional lecture based learning, where students are told what to know and how to think, to systems where students are active participants in guiding their learning (through hands-on, discovery, model, cooperative and project-based learning). It is through these methods that students can learn to go beyond simple memorization, to a level of high cognitive scientific thinking.”

Nikki received a teaching credential and Bachelors of Science in Biology at CSU, Chico.  She has a strong affinity for the natural sciences and enjoys birding, plant identification, playing guitar and backpacking with her dog Indie.