Linda Holm – Grades 5/6

Linda has over 37 years of experience in the Open Classroom educational model, six years as a parent volunteer and 31 years as a teacher.  Linda delights in introducing kids to new things and to seeing students accomplish things they never thought they could do.  She loves the full community interaction of Open Classroom and thrives in being a part of a large family oriented program that brings so much richness to the classroom.

“I love developing curriculum and finding new ways to teach a lesson or unit to make it come to life and have meaning for students.  Teaching is a team effort between teacher as facilitator, parents and students.  I provide students with opportunities to learn responsibility and problem solving.  To become responsible one must be given responsibilities.  I challenge students to be their best and guide them to care about their classmates and community beyond school.  I know that magic happens in a classroom.”

Linda is well known for her creative integrated thematic units.  Just a few of the past units have included themes as diverse as Ancient China, Democracy, Ships and Sailing, and a History of Education.  With each topic, Linda skillfully weaves together history, language arts, mathematics, science, cooking, art, music and dance to create a rich educational tapestry.  Each major unit culminates with a gathering and presentation to parents and others.

Linda’s own family is very important to her.  She is very connected with her daughter, son-in-law and 2 granddaughters. She is also very close to her sister and her father.  In her spare time, Linda loves to attend sports events, and is an especially devoted Giants fan.

After 31 years of teaching Linda says that she is very excited to spend the last years of her career starting something new and exciting.  She wholeheartedly believes in the educational philosophy of Open Classroom and wants to highlight the true team effort that goes into this invigorating educational experience.