Debbie Irick – Grades 1/2

Debbie’s 1st and 2nd grade students will tell you that her classroom is “super fun, very challenging and she loves sea turtles”.  Debbie is one of those inspiring teachers who brings a strong sense of enjoyment and interest to her class while also pushing her students to excel academically.  While Debbie makes it look easy, when you talk to her you realize that there is a wealth of educational experience, using different learning styles, and the theory of Open Classroom into her daily teaching.

Debbie brings a strong environmental focus to her classroom and delights in inspiring a sense of wonder and responsibility for the world around.  From creating the classroom worm bin, to raising money for a Sea Turtle Restoration Project in Florida, to continually relating life to the cycle of ecology, Debbie makes the environment tangible for her students.

Debbie’s own son attended Open Classroom and she believes that this model of education encourages great things in students. She says, “I truly believe a child becomes a life long learner with a positive environment and stimulating curriculum in their formative years of education.”  Debbie’s enthusiasm is contagious and she excels at getting kids excited about school.  She is particularly knowledgeable at the teaching of reading and writing, an essential skill that is integrated into her Open Classroom.

In addition to her experience teaching in an Open Classroom, Debbie has worked at a State and Federal Indian School, as well as a small “community” school in the Golden Feather District, plus worked at the largest elementary school in Chico. Although the schools were dissimilar, every classroom Debbie worked in was a multi-aged classroom with at least two grades.

Debbie is thrilled to be a part of Wildflower and excited to see the dream of this school become a reality.