Pillars of Wildflower Open Classroom

What makes Wildflower Open Classroom Unique?  What are the foundations of our philosophies and the “must haves” that make us who we are?  How do we explain those foundations (pillars),  and what do they look like in practice?
These are the questions that the Board of Directors charged a group of WOC parents, teachers, students and administrators to consider and answer, and after spending a great deal of time considering, researching, discussing and designing, the pillars document was created.  These pillars reflect the philosophical and pragmatic elements of our charter and provide opportunities for ongoing discussion and development for teachers, parents, board and students.

They are:

1. Constructivist Learning
2. The Webbing Way
3. The Whole Child
4. Ownership and Personal Responsibility
5. Community of Learners
6. The Bigger Picture

The Wildflower Community Council (WCC) focuses on different pillars for each meeting, and in addition to this webpage, information here and on our Facebook page will help identify what each of these pillars currently looks like at our school, how they inform our practice and decision making, and how we might work to strengthen them as we grow.

Click here to see the Pillars Document!

Be sure to watch for examples, come to the WCC meetings and participate in these conversations…
Your voice is important – we are a “Community of Learners”!