Morgan Williams – Grade 3/4



Hello Wildflower Community!

I am thrilled to be starting at your school in the 3rd/4th grade classroom for the 2016/1017 school year! As a teacher of 6 years, I am passionate about working in an educational community that strongly aligns with my values in education. Having worked at a multi-age constructivist classroom, I know the positive influence this type of education has on children. Guiding children to be lifelong learners by putting their interests and needs at the center of the classroom is the driving force in education. Additionally, working in a tight knit community of children, families, and a committed teaching staff is the heart of a quality education. I am excited to be joining this community! As a Chico local, I feel that giving back to our local community and participating in all it has to offer is what makes this town great. I feel lucky to be joining a place that makes it possible.

I look forward to getting to know you all!