Lindsey Serrao – Grades 3/4

11e7f004-21ed-47b8-a667-440f4783cf05I am so excited to have accepted the 3rd/4th grade teaching position here at Wildflower starting next school year 2015/2016.  I went to an open classroom school here in Chico. I feel as though the open classroom philosophy runs through my veins. Learning to me has to be a full circle experience, and you must try to see, touch, taste, feel and hear what you are learning as much as possible.

WOC’s mission aligns naturally with my teaching style and experiences.  In all of my classrooms, I’ve been committed to teaching my students to be inquisitive, lifelong learners. These qualities are critical, as are general life skills: forethought, time management, and critical thinking. I will not always be there to teach my students, nor will their parents be there to parent them. I believe our job is to give our students and our children “wings to fly” so that they can become responsible problem solving citizens of their own. I admire that Wildflower encourages a full partnership with community, families and staff.  In my own experience, I’ve found that the more parent and community involvement we create inside and outside the classroom, the better the academic outcome.