About Wildflower Open Classroom

How is Wildflower Open Classroom unique?

We strive to educate the “whole child”, addressing the academic, social, emotional, creative, aesthetic and physical growth, and developmental needs of each student.


Warm and welcoming open classrooms contain a large area for gathering and small workstations, allowing students to work alternately in large and small groups and individually.


Classes are multi-grade, broadening social peer groups and encouraging individualized instruction where teachers focus on needs rather than grade level expectations.


Teachers use Integrated Thematic Curriculum, organizing learning around themes that incorporate all academic areas.


Parents and community members are able to assist in the classroom so that students receive more individualized attention.


All classrooms are equipped with several new Macintosh computers,  iPads, and high-speed internet,  increasing academic resources and access to educational information. All technology is filtered and monitored for student safety and security.


All actions and decisions made by the Wildflower community are guided by eight core principles: collaboration, community, stewardship, joy and adventure in learning, integrity, personal responsibility, being respectful, and positive and honest communication.