A New Home for Wildflower

We are pleased to announce that Wildflower Open Classroom has a new home. Our school is now located at 2414 Cohasset Rd, Ste 3. This facility has been used by a number of schools over the years and has been a great location for Wildflower so far while we seek a permanent location. Let the dreaming begin!

Our time at McManus was fruitful and has proven to be an interesting learning experience. It is wonderful to think that two schools can work and coexist on the same campus. With growth comes change and our new site will provide us the opportunity to expand our programs and operate more in line with our philosophy.

We still have much work to do and ideas that need to hatch. We will keep you posted. Your thoughts and ideas are always welcomed. We have brave pioneers who have banded together to shape the Wildflower community. Thank you for all of your expertise, hard work and support.  The best wildflowers have yet to bloom…